Since late 2020 I have written a number of articles as a paid freelance photojournalist and regular contributor to The Moorlander newspaper, a local newspaper based here on Dartmoor in Devon, southwest UK. Distribution is confined to Dartmoor and the surrounding area, and articles are primarily of local events and issues relevant to living and working on and around the Moor, which has been a National Park since 1951.

I have selected below a selection of longer and more interesting topical articles that I have researched and/or reported on and have had published in the newspaper. The choice of photos that are selected for publication to accompany the text is not mine, that decision is made by the newspaper’s Editor from a larger selection of images that I submit.

Please note that I retain copyright on all of the text and photographs in these articles.

(The links below to the newspaper articles are best viewed on a PC, you may need to rescale the window to view the entire article if viewing on a mobile phone screen.)

Chagstock Music Festival. July 2022

Dartmoor Prehistoric Rock Art & Dartmoor Railway 2nd Anniversary. December 2023

Dartmoor Railway – Engineering & Dartmoor Walking Festival. May 2022

Dartmoor Railway – Ministerial Visit and More. May 2022

Dartmoor Railway – Re-opening. November 2021

Dartmoor Society Wildcamping Conference. April 2023

Dartmoor – Use and Abuse, Part 1. April 2021

Dartmoor – Use and Abuse, Part 2. April 2021

Electro-fishing Survey on the River Teign. August 2022

Manaton Show Centrespread. August 2023

Moor Trees, Part 1 & Summer Solstice Centrespread. July 2023

Moor Trees, Part 2 & North Bovey Fair Images. July 2023

Moretonhampstead Carnival & Chagford Show 2022. August 2022

Moretonhampstead Carnival & Food festival, WI & Chagford Show 2023. August 2023

Railway Studies Collection & Model Show, 2021. December 2021

Railway Studies Collection & Model Show, 2023. December 2023

Rewilding on Dartmoor, Part 1. August 2021

Rewilding on Dartmoor, Part 2. September 2021

The Covid-19 Vaccination Rollout: a Triumph of Logistics. February 2021

The Impact of Brexit upon Farming on Dartmoor. January 2021

Throwleigh Photo Exhibition, Chris Chapman & James Ravilious. November 2022

Will HMP Dartmoor Get a Reprieve from Sentence of Closure? January 2021